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Project Spotlight: Logo Design buycondoms.online

BuyCondomsOnline.com was recently launched by LifeStyles as a portal for consumers to directly purchase condoms, lubricants, and devices from the comfort of their own homes. LifeStyles, a 31 year old, US based consumer products division of Ansell Limited, is a leader in superior sexual health and pleasure products in both the United States and in Canada.

The creative team at Dark Horse Design has worked on numerous branding, packaging design, and advertising projects for both Ansell Limited and LifeStyles. When LifeStyles launched BuyCondomsOnline.com, Dark Horse Design was charged with creating a clean, yet playful logo for the newly minted website.

Professionally designed logos have the ability to effectively communicate a maximum amount of information in a compact, visually appealing image. With one glance an impactful logo can send a message about both the story and the spirit of a product or service.  

As BuyCondomsOnline.com sells condoms and sexual health products it was crucial that the website’s logo would provide customers with an assurance of confidence and security. Through clear communication, careful listening, and a unique collaborative approach, the creative team at Dark Horse Design was able deliver a logo, which celebrated the trust as well as the competitive price point consumers have come to expect from Lifestyles. The result was a clean, easy to understand, completely identifiable logo with a colorful, flirtatious twist. 

With the logo complete, Dark Horse Design created several header banners for BuyCondomsOnline.com to use on their social media platforms as well as in their website promotions. The header banners boast a vibrant, bold look complete with a playful vibe. Headers and social media banners offer companies an opportunity to target consumers in a more direct fashion. Unlike a logo, banners and headers can be swapped, changed, and updated for holidays and events and also used to highlight social issues. 

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