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Partnering With Dark Horse Design Is Money in the Bank

Dark Horse Design and Ansell Healthcare maintain a longstanding relationship rooted in delivering outstanding products and services at price points and values clients and customers can depend on.

To make the most of their presence at the upcoming Becker’s Hospital Review 8th Annual Meeting and Tradeshow, Ansell Healthcare once again turned to the creative team at Dark Horse Design for their marketing and promotional materials. With countless hospital employees, healthcare industry professionals, and powerful decision makers pouring through the tradeshow doors, Ansell Healthcare recognized an incredible opportunity to communicate directly with buyers.

At this year’s tradeshow, Ansell Healthcare chose to focus their message on the incomparable value of their products. By switching to Ansell Healthcare surgical and exam gloves consumers are able to actually save money. Dark Horse Design and Ansell Healthcare decided the best way to reinforce the message of saving to clients and potential consumers would be from the very moment attendees stepped foot inside the tradeshow. Dark Horse Design created a totally unique welcome bag promotional gift, which would immediately capture the attention of attendees and keep them buzzing.


To stay in line with the theme of practicality, usability, and value, it was imperative for the promotional items at the tradeshow to be clever as well as functional. Dark Horse Design created a custom bag-drop pop-up promotional piggy bank as a way for healthcare providers to begin visualizing and correlating the concept of money in the bank with Ansell Healthcare products. The bank opens to reveal an invitation to the Ansell Healthcare tradeshow booth where attendees are able to learn more about the company’s extensive and exciting line of cost saving products.


At the booth Ansell Healthcare representatives will hand out seed paper coins. One side of the coin boasts the outline of Abraham Lincoln along with the words, “Plant & Seed Wildflowers.” The Ansell Healthcare logo is proudly displayed on the reverse side of the coin. When the paper seed coins are planted they will grow into gorgeous wildflowers, which will serve as a reminder that Ansell Healthcare products are an investment in growing savings.

Your brand deserves better than utilizing overlooked and discarded promotional items! Contact Dark Horse Design for unexpected and exciting promotional tradeshow materials.

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